Knitted Doll Suggestions

Hey everyone! I want you to make suggestions of knitted dolls you’d like to see me make. They will be in a similar (but better improved) style to the red riding hood character below. A few on my list so far are Game of Thrones characters, Marvel, Disney characters, Firefly/Serenity and Nightmare Before Christmas. All dolls will be for sale!



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Knitted Sketchbook

Knitted, ironed and stitched together. Can’t wait to try it!

sketchbook total

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A Very Large Sketchbook

Finally going somewhere with this project. Got inspiration, slight motivation and a very large sketchbook for all the felting stuff to go into. It is made out of A1 sheets of paper and bound together (very badly) by parcel string.


I wonder how long it takes before it falls apart.

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Hair of Waves


Working on a project to illustrate Edgar Allan Poe’s poem Annabel Lee using felt upon knitted squares. This idea is that she is part of the ocean.


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Problematic Process

Hearing that the way you’ve been taught to do something, that you’ve been doing for a long time, is incorrect is a big kick in the bum.

As an Illustration student I am taught techniques and guided by tutors the way things are and how it should be. The last two years the tutors of my course have been trying to drum into our heads the process of having a great project and better marks with what they call:

The Seven R’s.








Each step that will help give you more stuff to fill in your sketchbook and know what you’re doing. Tutors frown upon those who just stick to one idea with no background research or exploration.

But to hear the tutors say to me today to ‘just do it’  (meaning the final piece) and then the rest such as research will follow, really threw me off. Of course they still want all of the other R’s to be done, but not in the order I thought was appropriate.

It seems once you think you have it right, someone comes along and says otherwise.

Illustrators and artists out there all have their own ways to the final product. Finding out what your own one is while others tell you what they think it should be is all very confusing to the point I do not know if it is correct, or if something is being left out.

I guess it is time to just dig into it all head first and let go of methods. Do what is important; your love for something. Indulge in it but also do the nitty-gritty stuff too.

Is this how to be successful?

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Sewn Head

Practised sewing a head, just in case I fancy doing any serious sewing for uni projects with characters. The material frayed alot and I ended up sewing bits inside out.


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Fairy Doll


Watercolour, watercolour pencils and coloured pencils. Oh, and a downlight filter.
Painting of the china fairy doll upon my windowsill.

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