Back from Barcelona and very inspired by Picasso and Cubism. I think I have found a style I like.
Pencil and digital edit.




Drew a person that was walking around town, and then made them out of clay. The paint job is a little iffy but it’s the first time trying it out.
Hopefully I can improve on the next one!

To start with, here is an explanation of what Arithmomania is:
There are many people who have Rithmomania that don’t know what it is or don’t talk to others about it. I too have this, since primary school, although unsure where it manisfested from.

What I want is for others out there with this OCD to help with a project I am working on. No matter what form of Rithmomania you have, whether it’s counting letters, steps, times you touch something etc, I want to hear your story! You can contribute drawings, photos and notes, whatever you want to show! If you want to contribute something small, or even a whole page, then please contact me! (Make sure email subject is ‘Arithmomania Project’)

Future goal for this project is to make it into a book and hopefully publish it for others to understand Rithmomania, and to help those with it feel they are not alone.

Please spread this to everyone! I need as much help from contributers to make this a success!

Email: sarahgurmin@gmail.com

A sunflower upon the cafe table on which I have sat many times to eat crepes and toasties.

sunflower pencil

The paper was terrible for the use of pencils, and the pencils themselves were of cheap quality. But thanks to the water soluble pencils it managed to be decent, although water was not washed over it.

Pencil Person


Working with coloured pencil, cold and warm colours.

Today’s doodle for this quote:

5th February

‘If sharing a family meal tonight, light a candle and place it upon the table before you eat. This brings calm and peace to a setting, alleviates tension, and encourages everyone to eat more slowly and thoughtfully.’





So Much Colour!

4th February

Make today a ‘colour’ day. Notice which colours you are drawn to. Become aware of colours in your work place that you may have not noticed before.

feb. 4 14


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