Fairy Doll


Watercolour, watercolour pencils and coloured pencils. Oh, and a downlight filter.
Painting of the china fairy doll upon my windowsill.

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Sunny Attempt

Currently away in Devon, and the sunsets are just beautiful.

This piece needs to be wet felt and worked into. Keep an eye out for the final piece!


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Happy Birthday, Elmer!

It’s Elmer the Elephants 25th birthday! Made this felted Elmer in celebration! The only colour I didn’t have was orange.


You can download your own Elmer’s Parade Pack to celebrate his 25th birthday here on the Anderson Press website.





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Little Ladybug


Life-size ladybug. The smallest thing I’ve felted yet! Shall be more things felted these next few weeks, keep an eye out!

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Today I am feeling greatly inspired with ideas thanks to this book:


The Private Life Of An English Field Meadowland – John Lewis-Stempel.

With this book, alongside Where My Wellies Take Me – Olivia Lomenech Gill, I have a clear vision what I want to be doing for the next few projects.

Keep an eye out!

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Clear as a Bottle


Practised transparency with watercolour and pen.

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Felted Books – Cosy Classics

It is hard to find books on the internet with felted illustrations, and even harder to find in stores.

There are not enough felted illustration books out there!

Very few I have found. But what ones I have, I feel inspired to pursue my passion to create felted illustrations for books! (and very inspired to buy them all!)

The latest discovery is Cosy Classics, a few classic stories illustrated with felt! (I have bought Pride and Prejudice)



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