Of Smelly Mice And Pen Men

Now that the exhibition is over and the holidays begin, I am absolutely bored. I need art to do! There are a couple of art ideas I could start doing just to keep me occupied, otherwise I will be wasting my time watching TV or playing on Minecraft…. yes, I play Minecraft. How sad.

I signed up to www.etsy.com a while ago, hoping to sell art work or things I make, but haven’t had the chance. Now I can !  : D One product I’m going to make and sell is smelly rats. Sorry, scented mice. They will have that pot-pourri (poh-poo-ree)  inside them to put them in a draw or something, make things smell nice. Here’s an example of one I made.

It’s missing an ear, eyes and smaller details, but it’s the basic shape.

Another idea was to draw Vincent Van Gogh paintings on small canvas’s but to change them in a way to make them my own. So I started to draw Bildnis des Oberaufsehers Trabuc im Hospital Saint-Paul, (english) Portrait of the superintendent Trabuc in the Hospital Saint-Paul.

I was quite proud of the drawing, so I just went over it in pen and left it like that.

So what do you guys think? : )


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