Emotion From Music


Finally back in uni again! So happy to be back with my creative class. Today we listened to a variety of music chosen by our tutor and drew the feel of the song using a variety of colour and media. This is mine done in watercolour. The song title and name of the woman singing I do not remember, but it started off with the audience clapping and cheering, and a guitar strumming its first few notes beautifully before the voice of the woman starts singing in a language I am not familiar with. Latin? As she sings the last word and strums the last string, the audience roars in cheers and claps. It really is a beautiful song to listen and draw from. If ever I find out who sings this I shall post more about it. Over the next few weeks il be doing more pictures like this, so keep an eye out!

EDIT: Found the song! Here is a link to it.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2vCCeMwRUY


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