Arithmomania Project

To start with, here is an explanation of what Arithmomania is:
There are many people who have Rithmomania that don’t know what it is or don’t talk to others about it. I too have this, since primary school, although unsure where it manisfested from.

What I want is for others out there with this OCD to help with a project I am working on. No matter what form of Rithmomania you have, whether it’s counting letters, steps, times you touch something etc, I want to hear your story! You can contribute drawings, photos and notes, whatever you want to show! If you want to contribute something small, or even a whole page, then please contact me! (Make sure email subject is ‘Arithmomania Project’)

Future goal for this project is to make it into a book and hopefully publish it for others to understand Rithmomania, and to help those with it feel they are not alone.

Please spread this to everyone! I need as much help from contributers to make this a success!



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