The Presentation and the Plan

One project down, two more and an essay and a report and possibly another essay to go.

All I can say is I am relieved to have done the presentation at last, cause I was such a bundle of nerves painting to the music while standing in front of the tutors and a growing audience. In case I haven’t actually told you in a previous post about this presentation, basically we were given a project at the beginning of the semester to interpret a philosophical line from a book however we wanted. My other blog dedicated to the research of this is here: CLICK!

To sum up the presentation, I did charcoal drawings of a car, cricket, owl, forest, a shadow behind a tree and a cat. The performance involved smudging the images in time to the sound of the car, cricket, owl etc. Then the sounds were slowed down where they were not quite recognisable, and I then painted black over the images, leaving any car lights/eyes/moonlight in place. The end results were black images with white circles.

……..Yeah I know, it’s far from the normal art I do, but the whole point of this project was to open the mind to new possibilities. Don’t worry, the next project planned is more to my taste and more entertaining. I get to use wool again, woo! The new project is to be completely experimental with stitch, knitting, wool, felt, mixed media etc just to see what I can do with these techniques. I am not sure what I will produce in the end, probably a scrap book of all the techniques I will be learning. This will help me gain some new skills to apply to the major project which will be my final one of university. I hope to leave with an amazing piece of work that I will be proud to finish university with.

Plans up till January are to finish my essay (due in a weeks time), do the next presentation slide show of research for the essay, start the experimental project, and finish research for the presentation blog. All in six week. I can do this, right?

Keep an eye out.


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