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Christmas Robin

Happy Christmas! (10 days early, I know, but I am in the festive mood)

So what do you think of my card design? Obviously without the self advertising text.

Robin Card

Shall I do other designs ready for next year? (Cannot do them for this year as it is too late for printing last minute etc.)

If anyone is interested in seeing more, let me know! I would love to do more designs and sell them!



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Felted ‘Annabel Lee’ ~Edgar Allan Poe

Here are my final images produced to illustrate the poem of Annabel Lee, written by Edgar Allan Poe. These are not for sale, but prints will be soon. Keep an eye out! All copyrights go to me, Sarah Gurmin, and they are not to be used for any purposes by anyone.

1 Castle signed

Kingdom by the sea




This is actually a scarf

4 Ocean signed

Annabel Lee gazing over the ocean after her death


Rose, the symbol of Love

I will update this post at a later date with the poem so the images are in context

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Wool Winding

To see the sphere of colour being wound, click HERE to be directed to my Facebook page. It’s so¬†mesmerizing!


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Knitted Doll Suggestions

Hey everyone! I want you to make suggestions of knitted dolls you’d like to see me make. They will be in a similar (but better improved) style to the red riding hood character below. A few on my list so far are Game of Thrones characters, Marvel, Disney characters, Firefly/Serenity and Nightmare Before Christmas. All dolls will be for sale!



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Knitted Sketchbook

Knitted, ironed and stitched together. Can’t wait to try it!

sketchbook total

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Exhibition Excitement

The felted and knitted pieces I chose to show for the Illustration Year Two Exhibition in Swansea.

Well done to everyone else who participated, it was all amazing work!

Rather happy that the ‘Bees in a Jar’ are sold. (Picture at the bottom)

If anyone is interested in any of the items contact me for a commission.


Knitted Red Riding Hood Doll and Felted Animals


Overall Exhibition with Me


‘Felt’ Warm Today, Knitted Steve, Sewn Bird, Knitted Red Riding Hood Doll and Bees in a Jar.


Bees In a Jar (These Got Sold!)

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Knitted Cardigan


After hours of knitting, this is finally complete! Now it’s summer, I hope to knit more things! I would definitely do this again with perhaps less expensive wool, this cost alot to make, but is totally worth it.


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