1 day left until the exhibition is over.

4 days and 1 month until I move from university back to home.

18 days and 1 month until I graduate for good.

And forever to be whatever I want to be for the rest of my life.


It is coming to the end of my education in university, and I am not scared for whatever happens afterwards. I am willing to embrace the dramatic change and become an adult with a degree. I know what I want to do with what skills I have developed over the last five years, and will not become one of those who wastes their degree by getting a shelf job, never having to use what they spent thousands to learn. Yes I will need to get a part-time job probably stacking shelves to start with until my art becomes the main source of income, but I will not let it consume me. I have many options ahead of me and any one of them could change, and that’s ok. So long as I am happy and still doing my art as often as I still am now, maybe more often.

But what I am scared of is what I will be leaving behind. Comparing my life here at university to my life at home is like looking at two completely different people. Here I have friends, a social life.  Freedom to walk 5 minutes to the beach and 10 to walk to town. Restaurants and takeaways I have been a regular at so much that the managers and staff recognise me, and have become like friends in a formal manner. A home to look after and pay the bills, something to be proud of (even though I am not proud of the mess it gets in due to the other housemates.) And mostly the people I have come to call friends. It will be hard not being able to simply walk down the corridor just to have a cup of tea and chat with any of them ever again. We all come from different places across the country, and it’s not easy just to hop on the train to visit for a few hours either.

I have learnt so much since moving away from home, and not just art skills, but things that you don’t get taught but learn through experience. I have learnt what it takes to look after myself, cook, clean, how to look after a house. How you don’t have to get everyone to like you and accept people for who they are and myself, that I shouldn’t change anything about myself just to please others. I am quite an anxious person but have learnt not to let that over come me so often (I can even talk to people on the phone now!) I now know what I like and dislike. I am not afraid to be myself. I have a better relationship with my parents now that I understand adult things and why they do what they do.

I have a plan and a future ahead of me and cannot wait for it.

Thank you for everyone who has followed this blog. This is not the end yet. Keep an eye out.



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May 26, 2016 · 6:59 PM

Dribble Drabble

Quite frankly I am not in the right state of mind to be writing this, as I have been talking in an online chat to a certain company for about two hours with no end result to the situation they put me in. I am so angry that my hands still feel the need to be typing, like when you are holding back verbally in an argument, and then when you are alone you start screaming and lashing out.

Anyway, back to the reason I am here, and you are reading: what have I been up to this month? Or rather, last TWO months, as I missed both January and February posts. I am so forgetful that this blog may become bi-monthly instead. I tend to keep my other social media sites more updated anyway, so if you want that, then feel free to follow them too!

I cannot remember if I told you of my recent university project, but it involves making lampshades out of felt. It is still in progress, but you can at least see the experiments here on the YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBx93-IVr38YuFGBcDoKOEg

Also I plan to open the online shop a few months early, and have been planning the products. So far is this adorable little ring of a ladybug!


Obviously not just this singular one, more will be made. And finally I have been practicing landscape and portraiture. I want to use coloured pencils, watercolour and crosshatching more in my art, still doing needle and wet felt art too. I could even draw something and then felt it afterwards. Same picture, two different styles of medium.

Keep an eye out for the next post! (I’ll do one at the end of March to make up for the lack of Jan-Feb posts.) Thank you all who do read my updates, as drab as they are. Until next time, bye!

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Christmas Robin

Happy Christmas! (10 days early, I know, but I am in the festive mood)

So what do you think of my card design? Obviously without the self advertising text.

Robin Card

Shall I do other designs ready for next year? (Cannot do them for this year as it is too late for printing last minute etc.)

If anyone is interested in seeing more, let me know! I would love to do more designs and sell them!


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YouTube Channel

Starting my YouTube channel with a video of the squirrels in Singleton Park today. Don’t worry, it won’t all be videos of squirrels, I plan to start recording my work progress of needle felting with my snazzy new camera! Woo! Keep an eye out for it, in the meanwhile, here is that squirrel video!

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The Presentation and the Plan

One project down, two more and an essay and a report and possibly another essay to go.

All I can say is I am relieved to have done the presentation at last, cause I was such a bundle of nerves painting to the music while standing in front of the tutors and a growing audience. In case I haven’t actually told you in a previous post about this presentation, basically we were given a project at the beginning of the semester to interpret a philosophical line from a book however we wanted. My other blog dedicated to the research of this is here: CLICK!

To sum up the presentation, I did charcoal drawings of a car, cricket, owl, forest, a shadow behind a tree and a cat. The performance involved smudging the images in time to the sound of the car, cricket, owl etc. Then the sounds were slowed down where they were not quite recognisable, and I then painted black over the images, leaving any car lights/eyes/moonlight in place. The end results were black images with white circles.

……..Yeah I know, it’s far from the normal art I do, but the whole point of this project was to open the mind to new possibilities. Don’t worry, the next project planned is more to my taste and more entertaining. I get to use wool again, woo! The new project is to be completely experimental with stitch, knitting, wool, felt, mixed media etc just to see what I can do with these techniques. I am not sure what I will produce in the end, probably a scrap book of all the techniques I will be learning. This will help me gain some new skills to apply to the major project which will be my final one of university. I hope to leave with an amazing piece of work that I will be proud to finish university with.

Plans up till January are to finish my essay (due in a weeks time), do the next presentation slide show of research for the essay, start the experimental project, and finish research for the presentation blog. All in six week. I can do this, right?

Keep an eye out.

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September – November Update

So being back in university has been busy, despite the timetable is only for two days a week. I know, right? How does that work out? I have moved into a new house with some of the old housemates from previous two years, and also new ones. This new project is based around audio, so drawing and felting have been put onto hold for a short while. Hopefully next week after the presentation of this project I can start back up. Until then, look at these to wet your appetite.

8house: Arclight #1 – Marian Churchland

Song of the Sea Crosshatching

Sam’s Keys


And some doodles during lectures

Sarah Gurmin Chihuahua

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August Update

Hello again everyone! Time for another update for you all!

This month I have been dabbling in a few techniques to improve the way I draw. If you want to see my experiments head over to my DeviantArt page! I have been trying line drawings, shading and one/two tone experiments!

There are plenty of ideas brewing ready for university when it starts back up this month. I am quite excited for it! Wow, I cannot believe I am now doing a Masters degree. I still haven’t got used to the thought that I have a Bachelor Honors and HND degree. Reality will soon hit me when deadlines arise.

Also I have been REALLY busy with creating my own map for my Dungeons & Dragons campaign. It took a LOT of planning. I had to decided what I wanted to build in my city, what shops, activities, people and where to place everything! It was such fun to design it. If it is a success, I will upload it here free for others to use.

Keep an eye out for next months post, or follow it all in progress via Facebook, Twitter or have another look at my portfolio website!

See you next month!

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