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Christmas Robin

Happy Christmas! (10 days early, I know, but I am in the festive mood)

So what do you think of my card design? Obviously without the self advertising text.

Robin Card

Shall I do other designs ready for next year? (Cannot do them for this year as it is too late for printing last minute etc.)

If anyone is interested in seeing more, let me know! I would love to do more designs and sell them!



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Exhibition Excitement

The felted and knitted pieces I chose to show for the Illustration Year Two Exhibition in Swansea.

Well done to everyone else who participated, it was all amazing work!

Rather happy that the ‘Bees in a Jar’ are sold. (Picture at the bottom)

If anyone is interested in any of the items contact me for a commission.


Knitted Red Riding Hood Doll and Felted Animals


Overall Exhibition with Me


‘Felt’ Warm Today, Knitted Steve, Sewn Bird, Knitted Red Riding Hood Doll and Bees in a Jar.


Bees In a Jar (These Got Sold!)

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Mini Felted Owl


Decided to challenge myself and make a mini felted owl! This one is the size of the previous felted owls face. Surprisingly I only pricked my finger once. Here is it against my finger for scale.


Either I am telling the truth, or have a very large finger.

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Felted Owl


Created this fellow with the felting kit I had for Christmas. Isn’t it adorable?! …despite it being a little lop-sided.

100% British Wool

If you are interested in making one yourself, or another animal, then head over to http://www.craftylittlesheep.co.uk/

This website is great for books, wool and tips!

Creating this owl was my first time with the sponge mat and a single needle, instead of the brush mat and multiple needle tool.

P.S. I didn’t use all of the wool, so I got some left over to make a mini one!

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A Rural Idyll Article

edited idyll

This is an illustration to go with the chosen article: A Rural Idyll.

Cardboard, stitching, oil pastels, pen, watercolour and material.

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Start of a Sewn Skylark


The eye area and a bit of the tail. Sewn onto cardboard.

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Ink Skylark


At least I think it is a skylark…
I have not posted to this blog in a while which is a shame, so as soon as I draw/paint something it is going straight on here : )
At the moment another project in university is set in motion, so expect to see flowers, birds and lots of ink splatters in the next few weeks!

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