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September – November Update

So being back in university has been busy, despite the timetable is only for two days a week. I know, right? How does that work out? I have moved into a new house with some of the old housemates from previous two years, and also new ones. This new project is based around audio, so drawing and felting have been put onto hold for a short while. Hopefully next week after the presentation of this project I can start back up. Until then, look at these to wet your appetite.

8house: Arclight #1 – Marian Churchland

Song of the Sea Crosshatching

Sam’s Keys


And some doodles during lectures

Sarah Gurmin Chihuahua


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Dark Skies

Happy Easter! I hope you are all stuffed with chocolate and are enjoying the weather! It’s been the hottest so far here in Wales, UK. Here is a catch up with what I myself have been up to over Easter.

I have indulged in buying some new felting needles from Heidifeathers, who always provides great needle felting equipment and service! These needles have 10 different types, 30 in total. I shall look forward to trying these with my projects!

2015-04-09 13.02.49

Currently I am working on a scarf, the patterns are to represent dark skies inspired by Turner, Ian Aivazovsky and Moy Mackay. The scarf shall illustrate the one verse of Edgar Allan Poe’s poem Annabel Lee where things start to go dark, the angels in heaven are not happy and a cold wind blows out and kills Annabel Lee.


These are a few felt examples of colour experiments.

20150409_131545 20150409_131612 20150409_131603 20150409_131559 20150409_131555 20150409_131550

Still not sure what colours to settle with, but keep an eye out for my next blog post to find out!

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Wool Winding

To see the sphere of colour being wound, click HERE to be directed to my Facebook page. It’s so mesmerizing!


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After Yoshitaka Amano

Lately, work has been about felting and less drawing. This is my practice back into watercolours. Inspired by the way Yoshitaka Amano paints and draws, I recreated one of his works with watercolour and pen. His work is so beautiful!

I would tell you which image I used as reference, but it is lost in my library of images.

Yoshitaka Amano

Edited (enhanced) via Photo Editor


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Fairy Doll


Watercolour, watercolour pencils and coloured pencils. Oh, and a downlight filter.
Painting of the china fairy doll upon my windowsill.

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Sunny Attempt

Currently away in Devon, and the sunsets are just beautiful.

This piece needs to be wet felt and worked into. Keep an eye out for the final piece!


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Clear as a Bottle


Practised transparency with watercolour and pen.

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