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Comic Con Part 1 – Props

Once again, for the second time, I will be going to Comic Con in Cardiff! Last year I dressed as Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly but with Jayne Cobbs hat.


Here is your clue for this year:


He is made out of felt (and a bit of ribbon) and also hollow inside! Keep an eye out to find out why and for your next clue!


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Wool Winding

To see the sphere of colour being wound, click HERE to be directed to my Facebook page. It’s so¬†mesmerizing!


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Knitted Sketchbook

Knitted, ironed and stitched together. Can’t wait to try it!

sketchbook total

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Little Ladybug


Life-size ladybug. The smallest thing I’ve felted yet! Shall be more things felted these next few weeks, keep an eye out!

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Exhibition Excitement

The felted and knitted pieces I chose to show for the Illustration Year Two Exhibition in Swansea.

Well done to everyone else who participated, it was all amazing work!

Rather happy that the ‘Bees in a Jar’ are sold. (Picture at the bottom)

If anyone is interested in any of the items contact me for a commission.


Knitted Red Riding Hood Doll and Felted Animals


Overall Exhibition with Me


‘Felt’ Warm Today, Knitted Steve, Sewn Bird, Knitted Red Riding Hood Doll and Bees in a Jar.


Bees In a Jar (These Got Sold!)

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‘Felt’ Warm Today


Part of my exhibition piece.
Come along to Swansea’s Creative Bubble shop, at 31 Craddock Street, to view more art work all by Swansea Illustration second year students!


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Swansea Second Year Illustration Showcase

Come along to the exhibition here in Swansea! We second year Illustrators want to show you what we can do!


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