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Christmas Robin

Happy Christmas! (10 days early, I know, but I am in the festive mood)

So what do you think of my card design? Obviously without the self advertising text.

Robin Card

Shall I do other designs ready for next year? (Cannot do them for this year as it is too late for printing last minute etc.)

If anyone is interested in seeing more, let me know! I would love to do more designs and sell them!



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Digital Dandelion


Sketchbook Mobile App.

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Emotion From Music


Finally back in uni again! So happy to be back with my creative class. Today we listened to a variety of music chosen by our tutor and drew the feel of the song using a variety of colour and media. This is mine done in watercolour. The song title and name of the woman singing I do not remember, but it started off with the audience clapping and cheering, and a guitar strumming its first few notes beautifully before the voice of the woman starts singing in a language I am not familiar with. Latin? As she sings the last word and strums the last string, the audience roars in cheers and claps. It really is a beautiful song to listen and draw from. If ever I find out who sings this I shall post more about it. Over the next few weeks il be doing more pictures like this, so keep an eye out!

EDIT: Found the song! Here is a link to it.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y2vCCeMwRUY

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Questionable Canvas

Splash goes the paint all over my bedroom floor as I am painting this canvas a rose red with deep red scratchy marks on it. There was some flowers left over from my exhibition display, and thought it would be nice to reuse them on this canvas. I twisted black wool around the vines, and stained the petals with a bit of black ink.

Can anyone please help decide which composition is better?

Flowers with a peacock feather?

Flowers WITHOUT the peacock feather?

Perhaps move them up the canvas higher?

Using the feathers as something for the flowers to come out of?


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