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Making It My Own Way

So the last month has been an experience. To sum it up: I have learnt I can make my own job, my own career, my own life. There are definitely barriers in the way that will be a while to break down or climb over, but they don’t seem too bad in the grand scheme of things. Yeah, I still panic from time to time that I am not going to make it, but I got my whole life to hurdle over it all. I just need to calm down my mind and realise my potential, and keep to my plans with the expectation of them changing due to external factors.

It’s nearly been a whole year since I finished university and came home. The whole year has been so slow and mostly boring, with the last two months being the peak times. I look forward and am nervous how the nearby future will pan out.

I cannot reveal much at the moment, but it’s looking good. I just need to keep my feet on the ground and remember what good I got going for myself.

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