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Christmas! (Already? But it’s only October!)

A little catch up before I carry on: Since finishing university I have been doing the normal thing of finding a mundane job while panicking that I am now entering the real world, all while still trying to find out ‘who I am’ within different aspects of my life. Who am I as an artist? Who am I now I have no friends around to be myself? Who am I to my parents now that after four years of growing up and becoming more myself, I move back home to be how things were before and can I still maintain who I have become in this environment? Who am I in the work world, a retail assistant? An administrator? A shelf stacker? A fireman?

After I had a small work placement that dealt with a lot of customers with a very short deadlines to serve them all, I found I have not really been prepared for the life after university as much as I thought.


SO back to the art side of life. Good news is I have learnt that I can paint! And damn well if I say so myself! The four years of art school I never once painted a full picture. I don’t think I ever even touched my acrylic paints now I think of it. But a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to follow a Bob Ross tutorial to get me back into it, and I was quite proud of the results!


I did it on an A5 Canvas, so that was a little tricky, but I am quite proud of it. Currently I am making bits and bobs here and there to add to my Christmas stock ready for sale, although there are tons of things to be figuring out. I am so excited to have a plan and something to be working towards, although I am late starting. I may as well be making the Valentines stock instead, but I am in too much of a Christmas mood already.

I’m not really sure what else to be adding….. oh yeah! I am now LIVE streaming upon Twitch! If you’d like to see me working live, follow me at StarryEyeSarah on Twitch and tune in on Sundays! I vary times, mostly work in the evening (UK times) so get notifications on so you don’t miss out! I talk to you and answer questions while working on something, whether it’s painting or felting! I missed last weeks due to feeling ill and this Sunday I will be in a hotel, but I will be on for a little while just to make up for it and maybe show off the wigs I have been styling and will be using that day!

I shall probably write again around Christmas time after the rush of making the stock has blown over. Have a spooky Halloween everyone!


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Exhibition Update

Hello everyone!

Well done to my class for the fund raising events to raise money for our third year grand final exhibition (which, by the way, is Mid-May). It is so amazing seeing the hard work and dedication of the students being put into this. We have sold ark work, things that have been made using laser cut, cards, zines, decorative hangings, and definitely a lot of cakes! Everything has been handmade. Here are some photos and the posters! (Scroll down further to see my own card designs of the sunflower and bee.)


My Halloween cupcakes! Used Haribo Halloween sweets for decoration.


The Christmas stall displaying the hanging decorations, bird houses, art work, badges and the new zines – Pulling Teeth.




Laser cut wood snowflakes by Nathan Collins. These were popular!


Wooden laser cut bird houses. By Nathan Collins.


Halloween bake sale poster by Jonathan White.


Christmas poster by Nathan Collins.


Valentines poster by Shauni Adekoya.


If you are in Swansea (United Kingdom, not Australia) you can even buy our cards from The Mission Gallery and Hobos Exist shop.

These are a few of the many cards being sold and the valentines stalls.


1975153_620909361376317_5694520175541243352_n 10929068_620886864711900_4795213252579375149_n 10981444_620886814711905_5793603981495224564_n

These were my own card designs.

Bee Felted SUnflower

Also we sold calendars featuring artwork from students. These are still available for £5! My felted sunset got featured for August.


My felted sunset for the August month of the calendar.


Well that is all for the exhibition update! More shall be posted.

Keep watching…





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