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So Close I Can Taste It… It Tastes Fluffy and Successful

The past week has been one of the best two weeks since leaving university last June. I have learnt so much and have gained the confidence to go ahead and start being serious about being a part-time business. I can’t thank Alan and his team from PopUp Business School for all the advice and tips. If YOU are someone thinking of starting your own business, look them up and join their free workshops. It will change you, and that I am serious of. So many of us that attended were unsure of ourselves when we started, but now we have a set of skills under our belts that will effect how well we will create and make our businesses.

Tomorrow we are all presenting ourselves to the public in Newport Market 1-4pm. Myself will be there to exhibit my art, and also doing a demonstration on needle felting.

So many ideas and opportunities are ahead of me and I cannot wait for them to all come at me. I am ready.


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