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Christmas! (Already? But it’s only October!)

A little catch up before I carry on: Since finishing university I have been doing the normal thing of finding a mundane job while panicking that I am now entering the real world, all while still trying to find out ‘who I am’ within different aspects of my life. Who am I as an artist? Who am I now I have no friends around to be myself? Who am I to my parents now that after four years of growing up and becoming more myself, I move back home to be how things were before and can I still maintain who I have become in this environment? Who am I in the work world, a retail assistant? An administrator? A shelf stacker? A fireman?

After I had a small work placement that dealt with a lot of customers with a very short deadlines to serve them all, I found I have not really been prepared for the life after university as much as I thought.


SO back to the art side of life. Good news is I have learnt that I can paint! And damn well if I say so myself! The four years of art school I never once painted a full picture. I don’t think I ever even touched my acrylic paints now I think of it. But a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to follow a Bob Ross tutorial to get me back into it, and I was quite proud of the results!


I did it on an A5 Canvas, so that was a little tricky, but I am quite proud of it. Currently I am making bits and bobs here and there to add to my Christmas stock ready for sale, although there are tons of things to be figuring out. I am so excited to have a plan and something to be working towards, although I am late starting. I may as well be making the Valentines stock instead, but I am in too much of a Christmas mood already.

I’m not really sure what else to be adding….. oh yeah! I am now LIVE streaming upon Twitch! If you’d like to see me working live, follow me at StarryEyeSarah on Twitch and tune in on Sundays! I vary times, mostly work in the evening (UK times) so get notifications on so you don’t miss out! I talk to you and answer questions while working on something, whether it’s painting or felting! I missed last weeks due to feeling ill and this Sunday I will be in a hotel, but I will be on for a little while just to make up for it and maybe show off the wigs I have been styling and will be using that day!

I shall probably write again around Christmas time after the rush of making the stock has blown over. Have a spooky Halloween everyone!


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