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Exhibition Excitement

The felted and knitted pieces I chose to show for the Illustration Year Two Exhibition in Swansea.

Well done to everyone else who participated, it was all amazing work!

Rather happy that the ‘Bees in a Jar’ are sold. (Picture at the bottom)

If anyone is interested in any of the items contact me for a commission.


Knitted Red Riding Hood Doll and Felted Animals


Overall Exhibition with Me


‘Felt’ Warm Today, Knitted Steve, Sewn Bird, Knitted Red Riding Hood Doll and Bees in a Jar.


Bees In a Jar (These Got Sold!)


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Swansea Second Year Illustration Showcase

Come along to the exhibition here in Swansea! We second year Illustrators want to show you what we can do!


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Lifelike(?) Leaf

Nature is such an interesting thing to draw, and my favourite, other than wood textures, is leaves!

I hope this looks real! Done in watercolour and enhanced in a mobile photo editor app.

2014-01-03 00.13.04_wm

Spring is coming soon, I need to gather as much of whats left of winter before it disappears!

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Mini Felted Owl


Decided to challenge myself and make a mini felted owl! This one is the size of the previous felted owls face. Surprisingly I only pricked my finger once. Here is it against my finger for scale.


Either I am telling the truth, or have a very large finger.

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Felted Owl


Created this fellow with the felting kit I had for Christmas. Isn’t it adorable?! …despite it being a little lop-sided.

100% British Wool

If you are interested in making one yourself, or another animal, then head over to http://www.craftylittlesheep.co.uk/

This website is great for books, wool and tips!

Creating this owl was my first time with the sponge mat and a single needle, instead of the brush mat and multiple needle tool.

P.S. I didn’t use all of the wool, so I got some left over to make a mini one!

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Slow Snail Start


Been a bit slow with updating this blog. My excuse is it’s Christmas.

Not used any filters this time to make it look better, just pure drawing.

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Elephant Eye

An elephant eye done in Photoshop

elephant eye

Due to plagiarism I am now putting a signature on MY pieces of artwork.

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