Christmas Robin

Happy Christmas! (10 days early, I know, but I am in the festive mood)

So what do you think of my card design? Obviously without the self advertising text.

Robin Card

Shall I do other designs ready for next year? (Cannot do them for this year as it is too late for printing last minute etc.)

If anyone is interested in seeing more, let me know! I would love to do more designs and sell them!


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YouTube Channel

Starting my YouTube channel with a video of the squirrels in Singleton Park today. Don’t worry, it won’t all be videos of squirrels, I plan to start recording my work progress of needle felting with my snazzy new camera! Woo! Keep an eye out for it, in the meanwhile, here is that squirrel video!

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The Presentation and the Plan

One project down, two more and an essay and a report and possibly another essay to go.

All I can say is I am relieved to have done the presentation at last, cause I was such a bundle of nerves painting to the music while standing in front of the tutors and a growing audience. In case I haven’t actually told you in a previous post about this presentation, basically we were given a project at the beginning of the semester to interpret a philosophical line from a book however we wanted. My other blog dedicated to the research of this is here: CLICK!

To sum up the presentation, I did charcoal drawings of a car, cricket, owl, forest, a shadow behind a tree and a cat. The performance involved smudging the images in time to the sound of the car, cricket, owl etc. Then the sounds were slowed down where they were not quite recognisable, and I then painted black over the images, leaving any car lights/eyes/moonlight in place. The end results were black images with white circles.

……..Yeah I know, it’s far from the normal art I do, but the whole point of this project was to open the mind to new possibilities. Don’t worry, the next project planned is more to my taste and more entertaining. I get to use wool again, woo! The new project is to be completely experimental with stitch, knitting, wool, felt, mixed media etc just to see what I can do with these techniques. I am not sure what I will produce in the end, probably a scrap book of all the techniques I will be learning. This will help me gain some new skills to apply to the major project which will be my final one of university. I hope to leave with an amazing piece of work that I will be proud to finish university with.

Plans up till January are to finish my essay (due in a weeks time), do the next presentation slide show of research for the essay, start the experimental project, and finish research for the presentation blog. All in six week. I can do this, right?

Keep an eye out.

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September – November Update

So being back in university has been busy, despite the timetable is only for two days a week. I know, right? How does that work out? I have moved into a new house with some of the old housemates from previous two years, and also new ones. This new project is based around audio, so drawing and felting have been put onto hold for a short while. Hopefully next week after the presentation of this project I can start back up. Until then, look at these to wet your appetite.

8house: Arclight #1 – Marian Churchland

Song of the Sea Crosshatching

Sam’s Keys


And some doodles during lectures

Sarah Gurmin Chihuahua

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August Update

Hello again everyone! Time for another update for you all!

This month I have been dabbling in a few techniques to improve the way I draw. If you want to see my experiments head over to my DeviantArt page! I have been trying line drawings, shading and one/two tone experiments!

There are plenty of ideas brewing ready for university when it starts back up this month. I am quite excited for it! Wow, I cannot believe I am now doing a Masters degree. I still haven’t got used to the thought that I have a Bachelor Honors and HND degree. Reality will soon hit me when deadlines arise.

Also I have been REALLY busy with creating my own map for my Dungeons & Dragons campaign. It took a LOT of planning. I had to decided what I wanted to build in my city, what shops, activities, people and where to place everything! It was such fun to design it. If it is a success, I will upload it here free for others to use.

Keep an eye out for next months post, or follow it all in progress via Facebook, Twitter or have another look at my portfolio website!

See you next month!

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Website Update!

Here is an update for you of all the places you can find me and my art work!

A portfolio of my needle and wet felting art.

A monthly update to catch up and some behind-the-scenes of some of my art

Some sketchbook work and experimental stuff

Regular updates of varied work

Not so regular updates of work (mainly used for networking)

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Comic Con Part 1 – Props

Once again, for the second time, I will be going to Comic Con in Cardiff! Last year I dressed as Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly but with Jayne Cobbs hat.


Here is your clue for this year:


He is made out of felt (and a bit of ribbon) and also hollow inside! Keep an eye out to find out why and for your next clue!

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